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About Us

Inspired by the growing market in the health care sector of the country for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, laboratory reagents and equipment, WoyN was established in mid 2009. Founders have relevant experience in running medical whole sale business for more than three years which has motivated them to embark on importation of medical goods where they have witnessed untapped opportunity.

A team of qualified and dedicated professionals were assembled to run the business in the best way they know how. The company is the fast growing with an average yearly turnover of USD 3,800,000 and making efforts to achieve more and strategically put itself to have sizeable market shares in no distant future.


  • To avail high quality and variety of drugs, medical supplies, laboratory reagents and equipment to the market in the country at affordable prices to customers.

  • Work efficiently and ethically to ensure  products and services with continuity and reliability

  • Develop Company growth strategy where suppliers, customers and employees benefit

  • Maintain responsibility to our customers needs to service products of high quality and employees to be motivated, promoted, benefited and grow together.

  • Provide competent leadership where actions are just and ethical.


To be one of the best health care service providers in Ethiopia.

Achievements and future opportunities

WoyN has quickly established itself as an importer of variety of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, laboratory reagents and equipment achieving a considerably large share of market in the country. Currently we are in long term supplier-importer agreements and working with a number of manufacturers and suppliers from different countries like India, China, Germany, Turkey, UK and others.
Since the market for drugs, medical and surgical supplies in Ethiopia is high and the demand is undersupplied, we are striving to increase and diversify more imported items. Our market survey and retrospective analysis done in the country at the end of 2013 shows that there are critical gaps in supply of specific drugs, medical supplies, laboratory reagents and medical equipment and this gap has been increasing with the expansion of health infrastructure and high population growth rate in the country. Thus, the company started to register and import these products timely. Its product registration and marketing departments are well coordinated and aligned to achieve the vision, mission and goals set out by WonY Chemicals.

WoyN is staffed with 16 staff members ( i.e., 4 managerial level , 5 technical level and 7 support staff) qualified and experienced employees that can handle international procurement, local market promotion and distribution of medical goods. It has a warehouse and distribution center located in the capital, which fulfills the requirements of the drug administration regulatory authority, and plans to establish more warehouses and distribution centers around major cities over the coming years.