Woyn chemicals General Business was founded in mid-2009 with a vision to emerge and evolve as, but not limited to, a leading company in Import-Export venture in Ethiopia. Over the last decade we have established ourselves as the fastest double digit growing company in the pharmaceuticals import sector in the country. We import and deliver high quality, affordable and diversified medicines to millions of patients under our coverage. Our success factors are attributable to Trusted Leadership, Fostering Customer Orientation for Strong and Excellent Business Relation, Succeeding through Team Work and Maintaining High Ethical Standards with Integrity.

What we do

      1. Imports

We brand, position, promote and handle sale of our imported pharmaceutical products to private and government – run pharmacy and wholesale outlets in Ethiopia. We import various types of medicines, medical supplies, laboratory reagents and food supplements from reputable companies in UK, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, China, Malaysia and India.

      2. Export

We have also started exporting agricultural commodities, precious and semi-precious gemstones to various destinations in the world.

      3. Achievements

With the determination and will power of its founders, trusted leadership and committed employees, Woyn chemicals General Business maintained sustained performance during the last 10 years. Through these years we made our best efforts in order to increase market share, establish excellent position and reputation as measured by significant positive impact on patients’ lives and improved human health. Now time has come to diversify its venture and expand its business to export operation as well. Last year we got export license from Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Mines. Following that in mid-2018 our export operation wing managed to export Pulses to Singapore & India. We are leveraging on our mining, sorting, warehousing and packaging capacities for operational excellence in exporting various precious   and semi-precious gemstones.

Woyn chemicals General Business has more than 40 employees, committed to operational excellence embracing the culture of hardworking, dedication and enthusiasm.